100 mile

Our century route has been wildly popular, so it's back again to challenge those cyclists wanting to wrap up their season with an amazing ride and great workout. The century follows the same base route as the metric century (62 mile), but will also continue south toward Palmer Lake with a fun out-and-back to Larkspur, returning to Sedalia via Perry Park Road (Highway 105). For those not feeling up to riding the full 100 miles, there is a shortcut at Aid Station 4 via Perry Park Avenue which will cut ~13 miles off the return trip. Either way, head on back to Rocky Heights Middle School where there will be cold beverages, great food, massages and more waiting for you in the Food & Fun Zone.

elevation gain: 5884 ft.


(download course map)

note:  due to safety concerns, NO tag-a-longs or trailers are permitted on the 45, 62, or 100 mile course. All routes subject to change pending permit approval.